Principe Di Fitalia

Traversa Tonnara Terrauzza, 38, 96100 Siracusa SR, Italia (4 Stars) - Italy
A great patrician villa from the end of the nineteenth century restored in respect of tradition and with a touch of refined creativity, frames spaces of the hotel, a prestigious 4 star hotel in Siracusa. The large and well-kept park with palm trees, olive trees and flowers that surrounds the hotel, welcomes the beautiful swimming pool and the wellness corner with jacuzzi, and enriches the places of residence of epoch, immersed in the quiet green countryside of Syracuse. Inside a mix of traditions revisited in a modern key define charming atmosphere among the most original for a hotel and a period residence in Syracuse. Antique furniture, wrought iron, antique paintings, colorful ceramics typical sicilian melt nuance modern declined in the colors of the walls and complements of the common areas of the hotel. The Reception (24h), hall, tv room and bar are dedicated to the reception of guests and to the moments of sociality, while who is in a hotel in Siracusa for a business stay has two halls available inside the hotel and a space in the garden, a rare privilege for a 4 star hotel or a period residence in Syracuse. Breakfast is served in a dedicated room and with the nice season on the terrace of the hotel. The buffet style continental breakfast is enriched by the typical Sicilian sweets and traditional Italian coffee: espresso coffee, cappuccino, etc.
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